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Winter Skin

With winter well and truly here, we have been cranking up the heating, having hotter showers and covering our skin from head to toe to keep warm. As well as all of this there is also the cool blast of wind and cold when we are outdoors which plays a huge part in your dry winter skin.

Dry skin happens when your skins natural oils are low and moisture is not being held in the skin.

There are many triggers that can cause the skin to become dry including weather, lifestyle, genetics, incorrect skincare, fragrance and more.

Ways to combat your Dry Skin

1: Ditch the scrubs /granular exfoliants - you may want to scrub away the rough texture a dry skin leaves you with however we want to make sure we work on nourishing the new skin that is coming through. A scrub will microscopically graze your new skin cells that are coming through and leave them with no way to hold the moisturise they need to survive and create a nourished skin.

Instead: Look at using a exfoliant that uses a combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acids also known as AHAs these work on dissolving the glue that holds all your dead skin cells together so they slough off bringing through your new softer skin.

We recommend:

O'Cosmedics 3 in 1 Fruit Enzyme Peel

Environ Tri Bio-botanical Revival Masque

2: We layer our clothes in winter to keep warm - think about layering your products too.

After your cleansing routine apply and layer targeted serum, eye treatment, Moisturiser and Nourishment Oil. It doesn't mean changing up your whole routine but just adding a couple targeted treatments for winter.

3: Make sure you are getting enough Essential Fatty Acids (EFAS) to repair and rebuild your barrier not just internally with Flax Seed oil or Omega Complexes but it is a great idea to look at some products that have these in them. When we take supplements in food or capsule form the actives automatically go to all of our internal organs instead of our skin, so like we supplement our bodies we also need to supplement our skin with applying certain targeted ingredients topically.

We recommend:

O'Cosmedics Comfort Cream

Environ A, C, E Oil

4: Swap out your Flannel / Towle to wash and dry your face. These will zap any moisturise left in your skin and are also a little abrasive. When we are trying to be gentle with your fragile dry winter skin.

Opt in for something super cashmere soft and smooth to remove make up and cleanse your skin gently.

We recommend:

O'Cosmedics The Skin Shammy - YOU WILL LOVE IT!

Don't forget your skin is an investment and these few sma

ll adaptions to your routine during winter will help you feel better now but also in the future.

Always get a skin consultation at each seasonal change, your skin changes constantly so what suits you today may not be your best option in 6 months.

To check out any of these products or book in for your very own Complimentary Skin Consultation contact us directly at:

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